Nagpur lockdown: What’s allowed and what isn’t

On March 15, Maharashtra’s Nagpur began a week-long lockdown to prevent COVID-19 from resurfacing. The Nagpur City Police Commissioner has placed a lockdown that will last at least until March 21.

Nagpur’s Guardian Minister Nitin Raut made the announcement on March 11 in the wake of an increase in COVID-19 cases in Nagpur and the rest of the state over the previous weeks.

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Here’s what you can and can’t do during Nagpur’s lockdown.

The rules are identical to those enforced during the March 2020 nationwide lockout.

Only critical services such as grocery, dairy, and medical stores will be permitted to continue running.

There will be no private offices open. Government departments would only be able to operate at a quarter of their normal size.

Shopping malls and weekly markets will be closed.

Large gatherings of any sort would be prohibited, including social, religious, political, and other forms. Spectator-filled theatres and sporting activities would be prohibited.

According to Reuters, Nagpur Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar said officers would be monitoring traffic to prevent unnecessary journeys and ensuring that most offices and stores, with the exception of groceries and pharmacies, remain closed. “Except for essential facilities, there is a curfew.”

According to the Times of India, only one person will be permitted on motorcycles and two in cars (one passenger sitting behind the driver). People who may drive to work have been told to bring their company’s identification card, which would be viewed as ‘passes’.

All schools, universities, and other educational establishments will be closed for the time being. Courses will continue to be offered online.

According to news reports, Raut stated that liquor would only be available for purchase online.

According to Reuters, which cited officials, about 3,000 police officers will be deployed in Nagpur to enforce the curfew starting March 15.

The state has seen a strong increase in infections over the last three-four weeks, after the curve of COVID-19 cases flattened in January-February.

From the previous 24-hour period, Maharashtra registered 16,620 new COVID-19 cases on March 14. In the first few weeks of February, this figure was about 2,500. In the state, there were 23.14 lakh reported cases. The novel coronavirus outbreak has killed more than 52,800 people in Maharashtra, making it the country’s worst-affected province.

Though over 21.34 lakh patients have recovered, the state still has about 1.26 lakh cases open.


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